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Superior Cost-effective Painting Services In Bloomington, MN

Painting reigns supreme when it comes to giving your home a makeover. Exterior Painting not only improves your home’s aesthetic effect but also adds value to your property. Having a pro do your home painting not only guarantees a minimum of 10 years of curb appeal but also helps you cut down on the cost of repainting each time due to a shoddy painting job.

Below is a guide that gives you insight on the average cost of exterior painting in your home, what you should look for before hiring a painter, materials used, and the preparations done before a painting service.

Exterior painting cost estimate

For a quality exterior painting job to be done in your home, it will cost you around$3,500-$$7,000 or at least $2.50-$4.00 per square foot. This cost depends on many factors: Labor if you are hiring a professional painter to do your home painting, will cost you approximately $20 per hour.

The type of paint being used, with a gallon of paint costing around $15-$80.Other factors that can influence the cost of painting in your home include the amount of work done during cleaning services such as washing the walls, removing mold, and repairing cracks and gaps in your walls.

What to Look for in a Painter Before Hiring One

Exterior Painting Contractorr

How your painting décor comes out solely depends on who it is that you have hired. So it’s crucial to choose a painter that will at least meet your expectations. Below are some of the factors that you should put into consideration before hiring a painter.

• Skills and experience-hiring an experienced painter assures you of a quality paint job

• Credentials-ensure that you hire a painter who has the proper certifications to ascertain professionalism

• Cost-ensure that you hire a painter who is fair in their pricing helps you stay on budget. But don’t compromise on quality to stay on budget

• Types of materials used -remember that the kinds of equipment and materials used greatly influence the outcome of a job, so choosing a painter who has the right tools for the job is of importance

Essential materials needed for a quality exterior painting

• Quality paintbrush -used to apply paint on the walls

• Ladder-used to reach high heights. Different types of painting ladders include extension ladders, straight ladders, and stepladders

• Drop cloths-these is the clothing used to cover stuff near the wall to be painted to prevent them from getting paint stains during the painting process

• Caulk gun-used to seal gaps and cracks on the walls of your building

Having your home get an exterior makeover by a pro through painting is a worthy investment as it not only improves your home’s aesthetic effect but also adds the value to your property. Its highly recommended that you have a painting maintenance program as it helps keep your home’s wall looking fresh and cut down on the high cost you incur after long periods of not painting your building’s walls.

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